Tiger Tail Soup: A novel of China at war

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ISBN: 9781457526756
288 pages

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When bombs fall within earshot of An Lee’s home on the southern Chinese island of Kulangsu, she’s pregnant and her husband is missing. He appears days later wearing the uniform of a Nationalist Chinese Army officer. During the next seven years, she sees him again only twice. She’s left alone to protect their children, her mother, and her mother-in-law. Their island is spared from invasion for a time because of its status as an international treaty port.


About Nicki Chen

Nicki Chen is a freelance writer and blogger. Born and raised in Washington State, she married a man who fascinated her with his stories about an exotic childhood in China. Three daughters later, they moved to the Philippines, where they stayed for the next fifteen years. While there, she immersed herself in Asian cultures, studying Chinese brush painting and batik, volunteering at the International School, traveling, reading, and making friends with other Asian expatriates.



I was pregnant when Yu-ming went missing. And though I longed for a dream that would lead me to him, night after night the white tigers meant for the child I carried entered my dreams instead.

Tails swishing and eyes flashing, they led me through the forest, past a monk’s fire pit and up to a clearing with white pillars at its center.


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