130626aljhchenn_09Hi, I’m Nicki Chen, a fiction writer living in Edmonds, WA, a lovely little town on Puget Sound only a ferry ride away from the Olympic Peninsula.

My novels, which travel back in history and across the ocean, were inspired by places I’ve been and people I’ve known. The stories behind those stories are the main topics of this blog.

I grew up in Sedro-Woolley, WA, a child who loved fairy tales and art and swimming, a teenager who liked boys and dancing. At Seattle University, I studied theology, philosophy and elementary education. My kindergarten students were adorable. My 9th-grade Spanish students were sweet in a teenage sort of way. Soon my husband and I had our own children (3 daughters in 4 years). Then we moved to the Philippines where we stayed for the next 15 years.

Being an expat wife meant ladies’ club activities and school board service, painting and batik-ing, dinner parties and beach trips. I almost finished an MBA. Then I got serious and signed up for an MFA in Creative Writing through Vermont College. We were living in the South Pacific by the time I completed it.

After my husband’s death, I started work on my first novel, Tiger Tail Soup, a historical novel that tells the story of a Chinese woman struggling to survive the Japanese invasion of her homeland. Currently I’m working on a second novel, this one about a woman who in her eagerness to follow the advice of a fertility doctor, convinces her husband to move to a small island in the South Pacific.

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