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Meet John Kang, my Online Chinese-American Friend.

After publishing Tiger Tail Soup, my novel about WWII China, I’ve made quite a few online connections with writers with a focus on China. John Kang is one of them. Born in the US, John had to grow  into his … Continue reading

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Privacy Is a Moving Target.

  From public phone books to hummingbird drones. For most of my life, my phone number and address could be found in the fat public phone book everyone received once a year. When I was a kid, we even had … Continue reading

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Elena Ferrante Isn’t Who I Thought She Was.

  And I’m glad she’s not. Elena Ferrante is the pseudonym for Italy’s most famous author. For twenty years her true identity has remained a carefully guarded secret. Then, on October 2nd, the New York Review of Books published an … Continue reading

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Translation: Is That What I Wrote?

My novel looks so different in translation. I look at all those Chinese characters and I wonder, is this really my novel? If only I could read Chinese! I did study it for a while. But that was years ago, … Continue reading

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The Empress of China

We tell our sons they can grow up to be president. But do we assure our daughters that they, too, have a chance to be the leader their country? It’s a hard case to make in the United States since … Continue reading

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My Translators Live in China.

 They show up on my computer screen every day or two with a question or a series of questions, and I answer them. But I’ve never met my translators. I picture them as three young Chinese men, but I could … Continue reading

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South China Morning Blues

Book Review of South China Morning Blues When I look back on my twenties, I’m amazed at how much I crammed into that decade—and also at how far-reaching the consequences of my decisions were. I shouldn’t be amazed. We’re meant … Continue reading

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Stories Set in Foreign Lands

Since I started blogging a little over two years ago, I’ve become acquainted with lots of wonderful people, one of whom is Evelyne Holingue, an author who writes for both children and adults. Today Evelyne has gathered together six authors … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know What It’s Like to Be a …

 How many times have we seen the man in a sitcom or romantic comedy shake his head and say: I’ll never understand women? When the men and his friends act like a bunch of boys, the woman doesn’t say a … Continue reading

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Twelve Authors and Their Books

Today I’m teaming up with eleven other authors for an ebook sale. For the next ten days you’ll be able to load up your Kindle, Nook, iPad or phone with some new reading material for less than you’d spend on … Continue reading

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