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Family Visits–Eat, Talk, and Walk

  My three daughters live in places with nice weather in the spring and fall (Indiana, Maryland, and Eastern Washington). So that’s when I visit them. But nothing beats our summers here in the Pacific Northwest. This year all three … Continue reading

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The Job Comes First.

 No! I hear you shout. Family comes first. Living a good life comes first. Health is more important than a job. Follow your bliss. Love. Serve God and your fellow man. And, yes, I believe all that too. Heck, I … Continue reading

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All the Tea in China

  When sailing ships ruled the seas and Western merchants sailed to China for their tea, most of the tea China exported was shipped out of Amoy. In fact, the word “tea” originated in the Amoy (Hokkien) dialect. I mention … Continue reading

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They Don’t Eat Fortune Cookies in China.

Favors for parties and weddings. At our wedding in 1967, we gave our guests fortune cookies personalized for the day. Everyone was charmed. It was a new idea back then. To place my order, I had to drive seventy-three miles … Continue reading

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The Bulging Fridge of a Famine Survivor

China has a long history of famines, an average of almost one per year for the past two thousand years. One of the worst was the Great Chinese Famine of 1959-1961. It was caused by a combination of drought, poor … Continue reading

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Chinese Poetry Comes to Dinner

When we were dating, my husband cooked an eight-course meal for our friends and gave every dish a poetic name.
The famous southern Chinese dish, Buddha jumps over the wall, has a story behind it. Continue reading

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