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What Writers Can Learn from a Carpenter’s Workshop.

Writers like to show pictures of their work spaces–their shiny or messy desks, comfy or straight chairs, desktop or laptop computers, bookshelves filled with books, plants, and personally meaningful knickknacks. According to Virginia Woolfe every writer’s room ought to have … Continue reading

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In the Days of the Dressmakers.

When you move halfway around the world, all the basics of everyday life change. The moment I stepped off the plane in Manila, the first, most obvious difference hit me in the face—a blast of heat unlike any I’d ever … Continue reading

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Partying at the Art Gallery

My favorite art gallery is in the center of town, right next door to my favorite book store and two doors down from Starbucks. I pass it all the time. Every few weeks I go inside to soak up the … Continue reading

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Butchart Gardens, a Lesson in Problem Solving.

A problem in Jennie Butchart’s backyard. We all have problems, some big, some small, some seemingly insoluble. Jennie Butchart had a huge problem: a big hideous hole in her backyard. Admittedly the hole was off to one side and the … Continue reading

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Everyday Creativity

What shall we have for dinner? Whether you cook for yourself or for a crowd, if you’re the person responsible for dinner, you have a daily creativity challenge. The meal you cook doesn’t have to win awards, but it should … Continue reading

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