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2017, the Year of the Rooster.

 The Year of the Monkey is drawing to a close. On January 28, we’ll enter the Year of the Rooster, sometimes called the Year of the Cock. (Funny, they never call it the Year of the Hen.) As the previous … Continue reading

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Out with the Horse; In with the Sheep.

  2015, the Year of the Sheep. I was born in the Year of the Sheep; it’s my year. So I suppose I should be able to write with a modicum of authority about sheep and our year. First off: … Continue reading

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They Don’t Eat Fortune Cookies in China.

Favors for parties and weddings. At our wedding in 1967, we gave our guests fortune cookies personalized for the day. Everyone was charmed. It was a new idea back then. To place my order, I had to drive seventy-three miles … Continue reading

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Do I Really Want to Have My Fortune Told?

Horoscopes and fortune cookies. Don’t get me wrong. I’m as curious as the next person about the future. I read my horoscope in the Seattle Times almost every Sunday, vaguely looking for some words of wisdom meant just for me. … Continue reading

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Riding a Wood Horse into 2014

In my dream, I’m galloping across the prairie on a chestnut mare, my hair flying in the wind—no saddle, no bridle, no bit in the horse’s mouth. Together, my horse and I are wild and free. We’re fast as a … Continue reading

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