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Iris varieties. Which Is Your Favorite?

During my trip back East to celebrate my granddaughter’s college graduation, I stayed with her other grandparents for a few days. Ever since my daughter and their son became engaged, we’ve been friends, so it was nice to spend some … Continue reading

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The Serenity of a Japanese Garden

When you walk under the red lacquered torii gate and enter the Japanese Garden at Butchart Gardens, you step into a world that seems far removed from the flashy, showy gardens behind you. No wonder. The aesthetic of a Japanese … Continue reading

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Butchart Gardens, a Lesson in Problem Solving.

A problem in Jennie Butchart’s backyard. We all have problems, some big, some small, some seemingly insoluble. Jennie Butchart had a huge problem: a big hideous hole in her backyard. Admittedly the hole was off to one side and the … Continue reading

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Little Things

Most days I watch the news while I eat lunch. I slurp my healthy soup, chomp on my organic salad, and swallow my vitamins while I fill my mind with contentious, noxious images and talk. Not a recipe for whole … Continue reading

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Street Corner Gardens and Hanging Baskets

My usual writing spot at the kitchen table was all cleared off and waiting for me. A song bird chirped in the patio, a few wispy clouds decorated the soft blue sky, and John Williams–randomly chosen by my “mellow” iTunes playlist–plucked … Continue reading

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Daffodil Fields and Tulip Mania

Tulip Mania in Seventeenth Century Holland. If you’re an investor, you may have heard of “tulip mania,” sometimes referred to as the world’s first recorded speculative bubble. Speculative bubbles always sound crazy after the fact, this one especially so. Tulips … Continue reading

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