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2017, the Year of the Rooster.

 The Year of the Monkey is drawing to a close. On January 28, we’ll enter the Year of the Rooster, sometimes called the Year of the Cock. (Funny, they never call it the Year of the Hen.) As the previous … Continue reading

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Mall Shopping on a Saturday before Christmas

“You’re not going shopping tomorrow, are you?” My hairdresser swung the scissors away from my head and gave an open-mouthed look of incomprehension to our reflections in the mirror. “Not the best plan,” I admitted. Sure enough, when I left … Continue reading

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Whoops! I Missed UN Day.

United Nations Day was October 24. I’d forgotten all about it until I turn the page on my calendar. And there it was: UN Day. For many years–thirteen to be exact–it had been the biggest school celebration for my three … Continue reading

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The True Story of a Foreign Ghost in a Chinese Cemetery.

We’re fast approaching that time of year when souls and saints appear. A time for recalling and repeating tales of the unexplained. So come along, I invite you to revisit this true tale of a little boy who encounters a … Continue reading

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Memorial Day: Flowers for Departed Loved Ones

At the start of the Memorial Day weekend, I bought some flowers and drove the four miles to my husband’s grave. Eugene is buried in a beautiful park-like cemetery with trees and grassy slopes and a view of a small … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day … and Being Good Enough

  Mother’s Day cards can be a bit over the top. Have you noticed? Mom is wonderful, they declare in letters embellished with flowers, butterflies, and cute little birds. She’s amazing, the best mother anyone could wish for. Furthermore, she … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to My Irish Grandma?

Two weeks ago I wrote about my Grandma Rose, the grandmother who lived just across town and was good at everything she tried. Today, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. I’d like to write about my Irish grandmother, Norah. With … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday

Three holidays in a row. Even though in the West, we follow the Gregorian calendar, some of our holidays and observances are determined by the lunar calendar, so we’re never sure when those holidays will fall. This year, Chinese New … Continue reading

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Sketching Baguio, an Artist’s Favorite Holiday

For an artist, a sketching trip is the best kind of vacation. And for an artist living in the Philippines, nothing beats Baguio for its breathtaking mountain scenery and cool weather. In 1979, I was spending most of my spare … Continue reading

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Confederate Flags in the Stained Glass and a Rock from the Moon

Family time in and around Washington, DC. My youngest daughter and her husband live just outside Washington, DC. This year they volunteered to host the whole family for the Christmas/New Years holidays–four of us as house guests, two more in … Continue reading

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