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I Love a Mall Massage.

  Fun fact: Comedian Bob Hope had a massage every day for most of his life. Is it any wonder he lived to be a hundred? One of my daughters doesn’t see the point of having a massage. Someday, I … Continue reading

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Seasons of Love, a Post for Valentine’s Day.

                                    On Valentines Day we celebrate love as it is at this moment in time. But love has a history. It has ups … Continue reading

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Everybody Has a Rat Story.

It was a few days after Christmas, and I’d just brought my car in for service. That morning, out of the blue, it had started misfiring. I slid into the seat of Magic Toyota’s courtesy car eager to tell my … Continue reading

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The Pleasures of a Summertime Farmers’ Market

Last weekend my daughter and I visited the Edmonds Summer Market. No grocery cart at the market. No checkout stands. Just fresh produce, crafts, music, and a festive atmosphere. This bakery table had some yummy looking cupcakes for sale, don’t … Continue reading

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The National News Is Not My Life.

June 12, 2016. My clock radio wakes me to news of a terrible tragedy in Orlando, Florida: the worst mass murder in US history, fifty people killed, as many injured. A hate crime committed by a terrorist. Oh, my god! … Continue reading

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What Was Hiding under My Carpet.

I noticed the spot more than a year ago. A soft area near the bathroom door. It was most obvious when I was barefoot, the floor a little lower, a little softer. Still, everything was fine on the surface. So … Continue reading

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Freedom and Confinement

My daughter lives on the other side of the state, four hours away by car. Not a bad drive … except in winter when there’s a good chance of encountering snow and ice on Snoqualmie Pass. So … last week … Continue reading

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Little Things

Most days I watch the news while I eat lunch. I slurp my healthy soup, chomp on my organic salad, and swallow my vitamins while I fill my mind with contentious, noxious images and talk. Not a recipe for whole … Continue reading

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Romantic Sounds

A quiet morning, the cedars and Douglas firs at the end of the street are lost in the mist, and the long, plaintive sigh of a foghorn floats over the water and up the hill. Nighttime, the house is quiet … Continue reading

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