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Beach Chairs and Group Dynamics

  They seemed courteous and friendly enough, our fellow vacationers at the Nassau Beach Melia Hotel. They held the door for the next person, and at breakfast they waited their turns to be seated. They smiled at appropriate times; they … Continue reading

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Narcissus, an Ancient Myth with Modern Significance.

Narcissism is much in the news of late, so I decided to brush up on the myth. The classic version of the story of Echo and Narcissus is found in Book III of the Metamorphoses, a Latin narrative poem written … Continue reading

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Freedom and Confinement

My daughter lives on the other side of the state, four hours away by car. Not a bad drive … except in winter when there’s a good chance of encountering snow and ice on Snoqualmie Pass. So … last week … Continue reading

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An Authoritative Voice

 If not for George and his authoritative voice, I might be a teacher of ESL (English as a Second Language) today instead of a writer. I was more than halfway there. I’d completed all my theoretical classes at Seattle University … Continue reading

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The “Real Change” Vendor

 She’s always there, just outside the door of the PCC Natural Market, standing, sometimes sitting, between the lined-up grocery carts and the display of hanging fuschias and potted herbs. Like the greeters at Walmart, she has a smile and greeting … Continue reading

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