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Easter Then and Now

Back then, I wore a new dress every Easter. I usually had a new hat too and sometimes a new lightweight matching jacket. We called it a duster. (I was in eighth grade in this photo, out in the backyard … Continue reading

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Our Drippy, Soggy, Cold Winter

I’m having a hard time finding something positive about our weather this winter. Okay, for those of us in the lowlands and close to the ocean, it didn’t snow very much. That’s something.   But it’s been cold–not mid-West cold … Continue reading

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Seasons of Love, a Post for Valentine’s Day.

                                    On Valentines Day we celebrate love as it is at this moment in time. But love has a history. It has ups … Continue reading

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Beach Walk on a Sunny Winter Day

A sunny day in winter, and I had nothing to do after church but get out and enjoy the nice weather. In my town, the most picturesque places are a couple of beaches with a boardwalk in between. I parked … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking!?

 Turning onto my street as I finished my afternoon walk, I was struck by the way a scattering of yellow leaves caught the sunlight. Too bad I hadn’t brought a camera, I thought. Oh well. I went inside and put … Continue reading

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Little Things

Most days I watch the news while I eat lunch. I slurp my healthy soup, chomp on my organic salad, and swallow my vitamins while I fill my mind with contentious, noxious images and talk. Not a recipe for whole … Continue reading

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My Irish Inspiration and the First Day of Spring.

Springtime. At last. But first, before the Spring Equinox arrives, it’s … SAINT PATRICK’S DAY. On March 17, here in the United States we take time out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And so, in this post I’d like to … Continue reading

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