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Seasons of Love, a Post for Valentine’s Day.

                                    On Valentines Day we celebrate love as it is at this moment in time. But love has a history. It has ups … Continue reading

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Beach Walk on a Sunny Winter Day

A sunny day in winter, and I had nothing to do after church but get out and enjoy the nice weather. In my town, the most picturesque places are a couple of beaches with a boardwalk in between. I parked … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking!?

 Turning onto my street as I finished my afternoon walk, I was struck by the way a scattering of yellow leaves caught the sunlight. Too bad I hadn’t brought a camera, I thought. Oh well. I went inside and put … Continue reading

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Little Things

Most days I watch the news while I eat lunch. I slurp my healthy soup, chomp on my organic salad, and swallow my vitamins while I fill my mind with contentious, noxious images and talk. Not a recipe for whole … Continue reading

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My Irish Inspiration and the First Day of Spring.

Springtime. At last. But first, before the Spring Equinox arrives, it’s … SAINT PATRICK’S DAY. On March 17, here in the United States we take time out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And so, in this post I’d like to … Continue reading

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