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My Husband’s Hometown Named a World Heritage Site.

  Kulangsu is known for its beaches, its mild climate, and its longstanding prohibition on the use of wheeled vehicles. They don’t allow cars or even bikes on the lanes of Kulangsu (also known as Gulangyu). But UNESCO had something … Continue reading

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A Chinese Island Retains Its Old World Charm.

Who would have thought that my contractors, a husband and wife team, would have visited Gulangyu on their Asian cruise! After all, they had five or six countries to visit, and the cruise only allowed three stops in China. Surprisingly, … Continue reading

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My Translators Live in China.

 They show up on my computer screen every day or two with a question or a series of questions, and I answer them. But I’ve never met my translators. I picture them as three young Chinese men, but I could … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

Francis Guenette is a novelist and a blogger. I met her online, and for the past few months I’ve been following her warm and thoughtful blog, Disappearing in Plain Sight. On it, she writes about writing, country living, her grandchildren … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Ashes and a Chinese Soldier

It was 1983, our first trip to China, and though my husband had been born a few miles from where we now stood, he wasn’t entirely at ease. Let’s just say that until he knew the situation better, he preferred … Continue reading

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Have I Piqued Your Interest Yet?

Have I succeeded, dear readers of my blog, in arousing your curiosity? Over the past ten months, have I been able to spark your interest in topics related to my novel? Have I stimulated your hunger for more? Because–I cannot … Continue reading

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Remembering … Being Remembered

When you’re gone … After you’re gone, will anyone put flowers on your grave? On Memorial Day, will they still remember you? I can almost hear you scoffing … Who cares? I’ll be dead by then. Dust to dust. Throw … Continue reading

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Gulangyu, a Chinese Island with a Storied History

Western-style houses on a Chinese island. In 1983, my family visited my late husband’s hometown in China. We arrived by ship from Hong Kong. After a small kerfuffle about our reservations, we checked into the Hotel for Overseas Chinese in … Continue reading

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No Cars Allowed

Chinese island nixes wheeled vehicles. No cars, no motorcycles, no buses. Not even bikes are allowed on the little southern Chinese island of Gulangyu. Not even bikes! When we traveled around China in 1987, it seemed that everyone rode a … Continue reading

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“You Can’t Go Home Again”

  Locked out. “You can’t go home again” is the title of a novel by Thomas Wolfe. It’s meant metaphorically. But for many years it was literally true for my husband. His hometown was locked away behind the Bamboo Curtain, … Continue reading

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