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Family Visits–Eat, Talk, and Walk

  My three daughters live in places with nice weather in the spring and fall (Indiana, Maryland, and Eastern Washington). So that’s when I visit them. But nothing beats our summers here in the Pacific Northwest. This year all three … Continue reading

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A Sunday Walk along the Edmonds Waterfront

The Edmonds waterfront is a five-minute drive from my house, so I walk here often. Last Sunday I parked a little north of Anthony’s Beachfront Cafe, somewhere in the middle of the waterfront walk. Anthony’s serves seafood and surrounds itself … Continue reading

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Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey.

A swamp in New Jersey? I suppose you could call it a swamp. But if the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge had been named today instead of in the 1960s, we might be calling it a wetlands. In fact, the … Continue reading

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The National News Is Not My Life.

June 12, 2016. My clock radio wakes me to news of a terrible tragedy in Orlando, Florida: the worst mass murder in US history, fifty people killed, as many injured. A hate crime committed by a terrorist. Oh, my god! … Continue reading

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Do “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”?

On a recent walk, huffing and puffing my way uphill and down, I found myself noticing fences and walls and the frequent lack thereof. If you haven’t read Robert Frost’s poem, Mending Wall, since high school or middle school, you … Continue reading

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After Acupuncture, a Walk Around Town.

During my forty-five-minute appointment at Quan Yin Acupuncture, I have needles up and down my back, in  my arms, hands, legs, the top of my head. After the doctor removes them, I make another appointment and walk to my car. … Continue reading

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Beach Walk on a Sunny Winter Day

A sunny day in winter, and I had nothing to do after church but get out and enjoy the nice weather. In my town, the most picturesque places are a couple of beaches with a boardwalk in between. I parked … Continue reading

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Want a Creativity Boost? Go for a Walk.

  Stanford researchers link walking with creativity. Charles Dickens walked three hours a day–usually in the evening–and still found time to write 2000-4000 words. Quality words. A coincidence? Or is there a correlation between walking and creativity? Researchers at Stanford … Continue reading

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