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The Great Tiger Hunter of Fujian

  Man from Tennessee Kills 48 Amoy Tigers. When Harry R. Caldwell lived in China during the first half of the Twentieth Century, no one worried about the extinction of the Amoy tiger. In those days it was a point … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Tigers Gone?

During the holidays my family—seven adults, one child and a teenager—visited the Indianapolis Zoo. Despite the unwieldy size of our group, we succeeded in staying together for a while. (The shark-petting pool with its small hint of danger appealed to … Continue reading

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Tiger Love

Cats and Dogs I’m a cat person. Calicos and tabbies, a polydactyl Russian blue, a pair of Siamese, a not-too-bright long-haired white, I’ve had them all. And though I’ve owned a few dogs, including a regal Saluki and a pair … Continue reading

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