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Don’t Forget about UN Day … Not This Year.

  For twenty-two years my late husband worked for an international organization, the Asian Development Bank. He and his colleagues, men and women from every continent except Antarctica, devoted themselves to the economic development of developing countries in Asia. As … Continue reading

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Expatriates. Why Do They Do It?

Expatriates. Why Do They Do It? Why do they leave family and friends and a country they love to live in a place that’s foreign to them? A place where they in turn will be considered foreign? The answer is … Continue reading

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The Train to Changchun, China Travel in the Mid-1980s

“Time to get up, comrades.” The train’s loudspeaker crackled above my head. I turned over and punched my pillow, trying to reshape the unhusked rice inside to fit the curve of my neck. It couldn’t be more than five or … Continue reading

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