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Bookcases and Hot Air Balloons

  This past weekend I drove across the mountains to spend some time with my daughter, T, on her birthday. When I left home on the coast, it was raining, sprinkling when I reached the pass. Even with the sprinkles, … Continue reading

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In Praise of Rest Stops

My daughter lives on the other side of Washington State, 243 miles and four and a half hours away. Four-and-a-half hours, that is, if you drive straight through. And I never drive straight through. On the trip to her house, … Continue reading

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The Serenity of a Japanese Garden

When you walk under the red lacquered torii gate and enter the Japanese Garden at Butchart Gardens, you step into a world that seems far removed from the flashy, showy gardens behind you. No wonder. The aesthetic of a Japanese … Continue reading

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Butchart Gardens, a Lesson in Problem Solving.

A problem in Jennie Butchart’s backyard. We all have problems, some big, some small, some seemingly insoluble. Jennie Butchart had a huge problem: a big hideous hole in her backyard. Admittedly the hole was off to one side and the … Continue reading

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Want a Creativity Boost? Go for a Walk.

  Stanford researchers link walking with creativity. Charles Dickens walked three hours a day–usually in the evening–and still found time to write 2000-4000 words. Quality words. A coincidence? Or is there a correlation between walking and creativity? Researchers at Stanford … Continue reading

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