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Second Anniversary of my Blog

  Okay. I admit, I missed it. I should have celebrated the anniversary of my blog on August 7. But the occasion totally slipped my mind until one day I clicked on Timo’s post, “Second Blogaversary.” You see, Timo started … Continue reading

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Have I Piqued Your Interest Yet?

Have I succeeded, dear readers of my blog, in arousing your curiosity? Over the past ten months, have I been able to spark your interest in topics related to my novel? Have I stimulated your hunger for more? Because–I cannot … Continue reading

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No Cars Allowed

Chinese island nixes wheeled vehicles. No cars, no motorcycles, no buses. Not even bikes are allowed on the little southern Chinese island of Gulangyu. Not even bikes! When we traveled around China in 1987, it seemed that everyone rode a … Continue reading

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Fashion Torture

Why do women endure the discomfort and pain of pantyhose and high heels? Fashion of course. But does that explain why millions of Chinese women bound and broke their daughters feet? Continue reading

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