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The Great Tiger Hunter of Fujian

  Man from Tennessee Kills 48 Amoy Tigers. When Harry R. Caldwell lived in China during the first half of the Twentieth Century, no one worried about the extinction of the Amoy tiger. In those days it was a point … Continue reading

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Empire of the Sun: the Movie and the Novel

After twenty-seven years, I still remember the Steven Spielberg movie, Empire of the Sun. I must have seen and forgotten hundreds of movies since 1987 when it was released. But Empire of the Sun is not the kind of movie … Continue reading

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Car Trouble: It Could Have Been Worse

Coming home from Glacier The sign says, “Go straight,” but the GPS is telling me to turn, so I pull into the left hand turn lane and stop. “What do you think?” my daughter asks. “I think,” I say, changing … Continue reading

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No Room at the Inn

Perfect vacation (for a writer) When vacation plans fall apart, a writer can always console himself with the possibility of turning his problems into material for the next poem or novel or essay. But when our family set sail for … Continue reading

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Storytellers and Writers

Welcome to “Behind the Story,” a writer’s blog for readers and writers. In the coming weeks and months I’ll be writing about  such varied topics as tigers, fashion, food, art, war, maids, inter-racial marriage and Gulangyu, the small Chinese island where … Continue reading

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