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Second Anniversary of my Blog

  Okay. I admit, I missed it. I should have celebrated the anniversary of my blog on August 7. But the occasion totally slipped my mind until one day I clicked on Timo’s post, “Second Blogaversary.” You see, Timo started … Continue reading

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Chinese Food Love

“How do you say ‘hi’ in Chinese?” I asked my husband one day. “Ni hao,” he said. “No no. Isn’t there something else?” I was trying to learn Chinese, and as far as I could tell, Ni hao, was closer to … Continue reading

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My Interracial Marriage

Every marriage is an intercultural marriage. Think about it: the person you marry is bound to be from a different culture than the one you grew up in. His family likes barbecues and hydroplane races; yours goes to museums and book … Continue reading

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