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The Lady Washington’s Short but Eventful Life

 In August, a few days before the eclipse, two tall ships sailed into town: the Lady Washington and its companion vessel, the Hawaiian Chieftain. They tied up at a couple of docks along the Edmonds waterfront where I often take … Continue reading

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After Acupuncture, a Walk Around Town.

During my forty-five-minute appointment at Quan Yin Acupuncture, I have needles up and down my back, in  my arms, hands, legs, the top of my head. After the doctor removes them, I make another appointment and walk to my car. … Continue reading

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Criticism: You Asked for It.

  Let’s face it, even constructive criticism can be hard to take. I still remember the criticism of my first attempt to write a short story. I’d joined a small writing class for adults. On our second meeting, I plucked … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunities

Yesterday I e-mailed my manuscript to the publisher. According to Mark (my contact), the paperback and e-reader versions of Tiger Tail Soup should be out in four or five months. So … I’m thinking March. Good! I said goodbye to … Continue reading

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