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A Certain Kind of Soldier

(This post was first published more than three years ago. I think Memorial Day weekend is an excellent time to revisit these two remarkable men, my dad and my father-in-law.) Two Veterans of WWII My dad was a gentle man, … Continue reading

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Translation: Is That What I Wrote?

My novel looks so different in translation. I look at all those Chinese characters and I wonder, is this really my novel? If only I could read Chinese! I did study it for a while. But that was years ago, … Continue reading

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Mothers … When Circumstances Are Less Than Perfect

Single mothers, wartime mothers, hard-working mothers, stepmothers and adoptive mothers, deported, undocumented, or disabled mothers, far-from-home mothers, teenage mothers and old mothers, mothers who died too young … Being a mother is hard. Right from the start you have to … Continue reading

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How I Met My Chinese Husband, Part 1

              When people ask how I met my late husband, sometimes I simply give the short answer: “We were introduced by my parish priest.” But then, invariably, the questioner will look at me, waiting … Continue reading

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Gulangyu, a Chinese Island with a Storied History

Western-style houses on a Chinese island. In 1983, my family visited my late husband’s hometown in China. We arrived by ship from Hong Kong. After a small kerfuffle about our reservations, we checked into the Hotel for Overseas Chinese in … Continue reading

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