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Notes on a Typhoon

Looking through some old journals, I found some jottings on a typhoon. It was October 11, 1989. Our three daughters were in college or grad school in the United States. Eugene and I were living in Manila in an apartment … Continue reading

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“Everyone” Has a Maid (or Two or Three).

┬áBack home, I was an independent woman. I did my own house cleaning, washed the clothes, cared for the kids, weeded the garden, mowed the lawn … No pizza delivery for us, no take-out, no supermarket deli food. We cooked … Continue reading

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The Job Comes First.

┬áNo! I hear you shout. Family comes first. Living a good life comes first. Health is more important than a job. Follow your bliss. Love. Serve God and your fellow man. And, yes, I believe all that too. Heck, I … Continue reading

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