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Halo-halo Especial

The main characters in the novel I’m writing are a husband and wife. I’ve set the scene for them in lots of different places. They talk and fight in the car and at the beach. They talk and laugh and … Continue reading

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How I Got My Start as a Writer, Part 2

 Slowly, accidentally. You hear about writers who swear they were born to write—who filled notebooks with stories from the time they could hold a pencil and dreamed that one day they would publish a novel … or many novels. Well, … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Ashes and a Chinese Soldier

It was 1983, our first trip to China, and though my husband had been born a few miles from where we now stood, he wasn’t entirely at ease. Let’s just say that until he knew the situation better, he preferred … Continue reading

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Ace-ing the Test

My kids have always been good at tests—spelling tests, math tests, their SATs. The daughter who’s a lawyer passed her bar exam on the first try. Another daughter, the structural engineer, works on projects all over the country. The various … Continue reading

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Manila’s Chinese Cemetery

A Sunday outing with Uncle Gregorio. The air-conditioner in Uncle Gregorio’s car sputtered in a lame attempt to reach the back seat where I sat with two of our three daughters. Since the Chinese Cemetery was on the far side … Continue reading

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