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Halo-halo Especial

The main characters in the novel I’m writing are a husband and wife. I’ve set the scene for them in lots of different places. They talk and fight in the car and at the beach. They talk and laugh and … Continue reading

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An Assassination, Martial Law, and a Revolution, Part 1

  In 1983, when Senator Benigno Aquino was assassinated, we were there—not at the Manila International Airport where thousands of supporters waited to welcome their hero back from exile in the United States, but at our home in Manila, watching … Continue reading

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Aunts and Uncles: So How Are We Related?

  In all the stories my husband told me about his childhood in China and Taiwan and his teenage years in Japan and the Philippines, he never mentioned any aunts, uncles, or cousins. It seemed reasonable since neither of Eugene’s … Continue reading

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Two Maids? Really?

In the earliest letters I sent to my family after we moved to the Philippines, I wrote about all the touristy things: the hot weather, the juicy mangos, the ornaments on  jeepneys. “We rode in one jeepney,” I wrote, “that … Continue reading

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Sketching Baguio, an Artist’s Favorite Holiday

For an artist, a sketching trip is the best kind of vacation. And for an artist living in the Philippines, nothing beats Baguio for its breathtaking mountain scenery and cool weather. In 1979, I was spending most of my spare … Continue reading

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If You Were in a Horror Movie, How Long Would You Survive?

  A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter sent me an email. The subject line read: “Have you retained Daddy’s training?” She’d taken an online fun quiz called “How Long Would You Last in a Horror Movie?” and she was … Continue reading

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How I Got My Start as a Writer, Part 2

 Slowly, accidentally. You hear about writers who swear they were born to write—who filled notebooks with stories from the time they could hold a pencil and dreamed that one day they would publish a novel … or many novels. Well, … Continue reading

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Scorching Our Feet on Taal Volcano

  It seemed like a good idea at the time: a midweek excursion, a dormant volcano, and my seven-year-old daughter. It was 1975. We’d lived in the Philippines for four years by then, and we’d seen Taal Volcano several times … Continue reading

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